Neural Mobilization        Visceral Manipulation         Scar Tissue Manipulation         Cranio Sacral Therapy     

   This is work that follows nerve pathways from outside to inside. As we address the nerves in the body, we are also addressing the strains in the fascia, muscular structures and visceral structures. Releasing the tension in the nerves changes them from being like "pipe cleaners" to being like "dental floss", allowing ease to come back to the nerve and its surrounding structure.

Neural Mobilization

Visceral Manipulation

is a gentle hands-on therapy that works through the body's visceral system (the heart, liver, intestines and other internal organs) to locate and alleviate abnormal points of tension throughout the body.

   Sometimes scars can "catch things up". These treatments work to soften the scar tissue and allow the movement to go through that area again. These sessions can be a "stand alone" or combined with a regular Rolfing session - whichever the client requirements are and depending on how big/many scars there are. This work can have very profound effects on the body and sometimes be the final detail in having a muscle release fully.

Scar Tissue Manipulation

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

is a gentle hands-on therapy which uses a light touch and gentle movements to monitor the rhythm of cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF) throughout the body. CSF surrounds, safeguards and provides nourishment for the brain, spinal cord and membranes. This is the craniosacral system. The pumping motion of this fluid creates a subtle pulse which is similar to a heartbeat and can be felt throughout the body. This rhythm is monitored by applying light pressure at specific evaluation points through the length of the body (head, neck, spinal cord, lower back and ankles).

With CranioSacral Therapy, the natural rhythm of the CranioSacral function is restored, blood and oxygen flow are improved, toxins are removed more efficiently and brain cells function more effectively as they are receiving the nutrients they require. With CST individuals generally feel a release from stress and anxiety and begin to enjoy a renewed sense of well-being.

CST has been found to be beneficial for: musculoskeletal pain, disc lesions, neuropathy, migraines, whiplash, brain injury, adhesions, tinnitis, fibrositis, dental pain, allergies, anxiety, depression, hyper
activity, attention deficit disorder and autism. External link opens in new tab or window

Infra-Red Sauna Session

Infra-Red saunas are showing to be very beneficial in a number of ways: burn calories, relieve pain, improve the immune system, increase blood circulation, remove toxins and mineral wastes, clear cellulite, ease joint pain and stiffness, reduce stress and fatigue, improve skin tone, elasticity, texture and colour. We encourage our clients to use the infra-red before a treatment to warm up their muscles / tissues before we get working on them. We used to offer this service when we had our clinic but now use it just for our clients so unfortunately we have no time between sessions for general use!

Neural Mobilization                                 90 min.                $130

Visceral Manipulation                             60 min.                $  80

Scar Tissue Manipulation                       90 min.                $130

CranioSacral Therapy                             60 min.                $  80

Sue received CranioSacral Therapy training from the Upledger Institute in 2002 to 2006. Dean received Visceral Manipulation from them as well in 2002. His Scar Tissue training is from Advanced Rolfer® Sharon Hancock in 2010, and his Equine Structural Integration is from Mike McCaffery in 2007. Both Dean and Sue received their Neural Mobilization training from Advanced Rolfer® Jonathan Martine in April, 2013.