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Four Hands Body Renewal has been in business now for going on 18 years. We have had 'No-Shows' every once in awhile but nothing like we have experienced lately. We have also had clients miss appointments with little or no advance warning but it was few and far between. Everybody makes mistakes or have things happen beyond their control and we 'get' that but when we call and try to find out if they are lost or forgot their time and we have to leave a message we do expect in the very least a call back! We have held off as long as possible instituting a 1st time deposit fee or missed appointment fee but we feel we must do something to curb this practice. We hope you understand! We will endeavor to make this as easy as possible - you can use etransfer when you phone or drop by with cash or cheque to hold the spot.  We do require 24hrs. cancellation notice to not be charged and you must call us by phone, no texts or emails. We do have voicemail that records date and time as we aren't trying to rip anybody off. We would rather you make it to your appointment. That way everybody is happy!